The sequel Duke Nukem always deserved


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The AMC TC is a first-person action game where you play as various members of a command of heroes from all over the world formed to defend the planet from supernatural threats. The game is set in the universe of the Duke Nukem 3D saga, a future where this American hero has fallen, and someone else needs to step up as the planet's protector.

Everything you see is based in the 3D Realms games from the mid-90s that used the Build engine, so you'll see people and places from iconic games like Hexen, Heretic, Blood, and Shadow Warrior, not to mention homages to other series like Doom, all in the same universe.

There is a large variety of levels - in story mode, you'll start fighting against the evil aliens from the Duke Nukem saga, only to move to a Mars colony where an inter-dimensional portal has opened the way to hell. Along the way, you'll play extra missions starring the other members of your group, who find themselves on adventures involving everything from Nazis to zombie ninjas. It's insane!

The AMC TC is a real treat for fans of older FPS games. Don't be put off by its old-fashioned looks, it works perfectly and dynamic gameplay combined with outstanding level design makes it able to compete against many current titles.